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What are the fashion trends for teenagers?

What are the fashion trends for teenagers?

What is coming to the shops in the malls and on the streets this spring? These teen trends were inspired by the fashion runways of the latest shows, beckoning us to take a look at what the latest teen fashions will look like.

BLING - The accessory most seen is the BIG but elegant earrings, brooches. All things sparkly are back.

PLAID - Get a plaid shirt in red or black; wear it under a tight leather jacket or simply tie it around your waist like they did in the 90s’.  

Kitten heels, but stacked are back too. These can really make you feel comfortable while you look sexy too! No more high spiked heels.

Platform sneakers are in! Wear them with your favorite leggings; throw on an oversized shirt and some bling to make a casual, yet fun outfit. These shoes look great with miniskirts or shorts.

Black boots – Wear them with a long or mini skirt, leggings, pants, or jeans. Black goes with anything!

Flounce hemline - If you like skirts, then reach for those with a flouncy hemline, also known as ‘happy hemlines’. These are definitely flirty and fun.

High-waisted jeans - Go as high as you want, even above your belly button! It can make you look slimmer and is very sexy when paired up with a crop-top. It gives the illusion of long legs and a small waist – who wouldn’t want that?

One-shoulder dress - If you are thinking of buying a special dress, then choose one that has one shoulder or shoulder strap. It’s a great way to show off an elegant look.

There are no taboos! Mix it up and make your own great, unique street style.

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